Ionization Boilers


NEW Revolutionary Product

Easy Installation

10 years warranty

Easy Installation

Works with electricity (consumption 1.5 euro / m2 per month!)

The BERIL burner can be installed in new and existing central heating installations, easily and with minimal cost. Because of its small volume, the installation does not require more than one square meter wall, as well as not need Burma, tanks and bulky

Perfect to exempt from the central heating

Without tubes and tanks

with quiet operation

The burner operates BERIL ionization, i.e. the cleavage of water molecules into positive and negative ions, which are respectively moved between the negative and positive electrodes, generating heat instantaneously, ensuring full performance from the first minute of operation.

100% Eco-friendly and fully recyclable product

Easy Operation

WARRANTY on the correct use of 10 years

International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC, Geneva)