Heating Cables

  • Shielded cables with strong mechanical strength
  • Suitable for large surfaces
  • High resistance to thermal hyper load
  • Protection against corrosion
  • Even heat distribution
  • Economic Fuction
  • 100 years warranty

Πεδία Εφαρμογής


Heating Roofing and Gutter

Decongestion of the roof of snow accumulation and melting ice from gutters.

Ramps, Streets-doors usage, Outdoor Stairs, Sports Facilities

Used to prevent the formation of snow and ice in open spaces, stairs, entrance ramps, complex sections of roads, pavements and corridors during the winter.

Maintains the status of external sites at non icing and snow facilitating cleaning and increasing security. This system is widely used in stadiums, outdoor sports facilities in order to make the soil in good condition and to extend their service life.


Greenhouses and cultivates

Heating the soil at the plant root (suitable for heating the greenhouse soil). The use of cable systems allow extension of the duration and increase the harvest after avoiding the freezing of soil and plants offseason.

Thermally RIM cables offer significant advantages over other types of heating

  • Shielded cables, resistant to chemicals and fertilizers.
  • Keep the soil temperature at desired levels by providing the necessary
  • Temperature conditions in each plant development stage.
  • Ensure uniform heat distribution across the heated surface.
  • Economy mode.